Nutshell Wisdom: Forget About Control

Nutshell Wisdom: forget about control

One of the keys to success is accepting full responsibility for yourself. Accepting this responsibility, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with being “in control.” There is a major distinction to be made between being “in control” and accepting the responsibility of being “in charge” of your life. Simply put: You have nothing to say about the cards dealt you, but everything to say about how you will play those cards.

A victim will blame the dealer of the cards, or blame the person who taught him how to play cards, or maybe even the cards themselves. A victim may even take refuge in blaming himself, not understanding that there is an important difference between “self-blame,” and “accepting responsibility.”

Victimization is a state of mind in which you believe that how you are doing in any particular moment is determined more by the circumstances beyond your control than by how you choose to respond to those circumstances. A non-victim knows that the key is in our ability to respond — get it: response-ability.

To accept full responsibility for yourself, you must renounce victimization.

In a Nutshell

Being a victim is an
indulgence we cannot afford.

Be “in charge,” but forget
about being “in control.”

Thom Rutledge