Talent Alone Does Not Save a Soul: Connecting With Your Creator is a Must

The story I’m about to relay to you this month is true. I will do my best to capsulate it and steer clear of rambling. You should have heard me ramble back when alcohol was my master.
Anyway, back to the story. I have a forty-one year old brother. He has more talent in his index finger than I possess in my entire 218 pound frame.

The problem here is that my brother has rarely, if ever, utilized this tremendous amount of talent he possesses. You see, my brother is an alcoholic/addict. You know the type. Alcohol,
weed, crack, meth, burglary, theft, broken hearts, broken dreams, tall tales, promises, guns, more promises, jail time, party time, etc, etc, etc. He does not take his illness seriously. He
does not view recovery as an emergency procedure which will revive his soul and spare his existence.

I, on the other hand have come to find a wonderful life. A fantastic wife, two precious children, good health, strength, vigor, peace, freedom and the respect of so many special people who I am blessed to cross paths with each and everyday. How did I get here and remain you ask? Let me attempt to explain.

Talent had nothing to do with it. Neither did money, looks, education, status or geographical locale. Thirteen years ago I found myself beaten and left for dead by excessive alcohol abuse. I had been consumed with getting drunk for over two decades. I had reached for alcohol one too many times and now I was facing my final moments it seemed on this glorious planet. Talent or anyone else for that matter was not going to be able to save me. I was mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually at the end … until I did something that I had not done for years. I PRAYED. That was the turning point in my existence. In fact, that was the end of a dismal twenty-one year existence. I found myself in recovery and I made sure that God and prayer was my constant companion. That was thirteen years ago and God along with daily prayer have remained in my life ever since.

I owe everything I have, my joy, peace, love and well being to God and all the wonderful people he has placed in my life.

To my knowledge my brother has never turned to God for any length of time. The focus of his energies is finger pointing and placing blame on anyone and anything. This type of behavior will not rescue you from a dangerous situation such as addiction or alcoholism. Recovery starts when we turn away from alcohol, drugs, bitterness and twisted logic and ask God to stop the hurting and start the healing. The first thing He will do is remove the desire to drink and drug. We must learn to exchange our reliance on drugs and alcohol and turn it into a reliance on God.

I am not a freak or a fanatic. I am a man who found hope and that hope has led me to a life filled with joy. Recovery is the long journey back to our Creator. Sobriety is the reward He bestows upon us for making that journey.